Green Two Sides Waterproof Isolation Geomembrane Liners HDPE LDPE 0.5mm

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hefei, China
Brand Name: FUYUN
Certification: BV, ISO, GB, SASO,ASTM, SONCAP
Model Number: 0.5MM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1500 square meters
Price: USD 0.55-2.0 square meters
Packaging Details: packed in woven bags as roll
Delivery Time: 7 Days
Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 25 Tons per Day
Detail Information
Application: Landfills, Sewage Plant, Material: Polyethylene, HDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PVC
Function: Cover, Waterproof, Isolation, Drainage Product Name: Green Covering Landfills Two Sides Waterproof Isolation HDPE LDPE 2.0mm Geomembrane Liners
Thickness: 0.5mm Length: 200m
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0.5mm Thickness Geomembrane Liners


Two Sides Geomembrane Liners


Isolation Geotech Fabric

Product Description

Green Covering Landfills Two Sides Waterproof Isolation HDPE LDPE 0.5mm Geomembrane Liners



Quick Detail:

  • material: polyethylene, HDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PVC
  • length: 200m 
  • width: 6m 
  • thickness:  0.5mm 
  • function: cover, waterproof, isolation, drainage
  • application: landfills, sewage plant


Production Description:


Anti-seepage HDPE geomembrana is made from 97.5% high density polyethylene (HDPE) and 2.5% Carbon black/anti-aging agent/anti-oxygen/UV absorbent/stabilizer and other accessory, which is widely used for fishpond, solid waste containment and water containment environment and mining environment. Anti-seepage HDPE geomembrana is made of best quality high density polyethylene (HDPE) with specially formulated and original polyethylene resin, combined with specified quantity carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging agent and UV resistance components, which contributes to its excellent resistance to UV radiation and being suitable for different conditions.


The double-sided green geomembrane is generally used for the final cover of the landfill site. Specifically, it is a covering layer system laid on the top of the landfill site after the completion of the landfill. It is the follow-up stage and the key stage of landfill operation. The final cover system of landfill provides cover protection for waste, and it is also the basis of land use and recovery of landfill.


It has excellent temperature adaptability, weldability, tolerance and aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance and anti pierce performance. Therefore, it is especially suitable for underground engineering, mining engineering, sewage and waste residue treatment plant as impermeable materials.


Green Two Sides Waterproof Isolation Geomembrane Liners HDPE LDPE 0.5mm 0





Item Properties Unit Thickness
1 Thickness mm 0.25 0.35 0.5 0.75 1 1.25 1.5 2
2 Density≧ g/m3 0.94
3 Stretch Yield Strength (horiz & vet)≧ N/mm 3.75 5 7.5 11 15 18 22 29
4 Stretch Break Strength (horiz & vet)≧ N/mm 6.75 13.5 19 20 27 33 40 53
5 Yield Elongation (horiz & vet)≧ % 12
6 Break elongation (horiz & vet)≧ % 700
7 Angle Tear Strength (horiz & vet)≧ N 31.25 45 62.5 93 125 156 187 249
8 Puncture Strength N 80 150 160 240 320 400 480 640
9 Stress Crack Resistance Hrs 300
10 Carbon Black Content (range) % 2.0-3.0
11 Carbon Black Dispersion / not more than 1 case grade 3 in 10 samples, grade 4 & 5 is not allowed
12 Oxidation Induction Time(OIT) Standard OIT ≧ 100 min
High Pressure OIT ≧ 400 min
13 Thermal Aging at 85℃ Standard OIT(min.ave.) retained after 90 days 55%
High Pressure OIT(min.ave.) retained after 90 days 80%
14 UV Resistance Standard OIT (min.ave.) 50%
High Pressure OIT (min.ave.) retained after 1600 hrs 50%





1.Various waterproof and anti-seepage projects such as landfills,solid waste treatment stations,tailings storage yards

2.sewage ponds,petrochemicals, construction, water conservancy,mining,landscape gardens,subway tunnels,
aquaculture,livestock biogas digesters, etc.
3.Environmental protection projects:Landfill,sewage treatment plants,power plant regulating pools,industrial and hospital solid wastes,etc.
4.Mining:heap leaching platforms, conduit and retention channels and wells for liquid solutions, , final disposal reservoirs.



Green Two Sides Waterproof Isolation Geomembrane Liners HDPE LDPE 0.5mm 1





1. HDPE geomembrane has good heat and cold resistance. Its operating environment temperature is 110℃ at high temperature and -70℃ at low temperature.
2. HDPE geomembrane have good chemical stability, can resist strong acid, alkali, oil corrosion is a good anticorrosive material.
3. HDPE geomembrane has high tensile strength, which enables it to meet the requirements of high-standard engineering projects.
4. HDPE geomembrane have strong weather resistance and anti-aging performance, which can be used naked for a long time while maintaining the original performance.
5.the overall performance of HDPE geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane has a strong tensile strength and fracture elongation, so that
HDPE geomembrane can be used in a variety of harsh geological and climatic conditions.Strong adaptability to geological non-uniform subsidence stress.
6.HDPE geomembrane are made of high quality primary plastics and carbon black particles without any preservatives.





Rolling with pipe in core, double layer woven bags with strengthened belt for unloading convenience and protecting.

Packaging Details:

Neutral package of Pond Liner Material

Roll Size: 4m-7.0m

Or packed according to customers' requirements such as mark the company Logo

As example:

Specification 20ft container 40ft container

0.5mm 5.8/7*420m/roll 16rolls/38976m2 19rolls/55860m2

0.75mm 5.8/7*280m/roll 16rolls/25984m2 19rolls/37240m2

1mm 5.8/7*210m/roll 16rolls/19488m2 19rolls/27930m2

1.5mm 5.8/7*140m/roll 16rolls/12992m2 19rolls/18620m2

2.0mm 5.8/7*105m/roll 16rolls/9744m2 19rolls/13965m2

weight: 129g-188g/m2

Green Two Sides Waterproof Isolation Geomembrane Liners HDPE LDPE 0.5mm 2



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Green Two Sides Waterproof Isolation Geomembrane Liners HDPE LDPE 0.5mm 3



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Green Two Sides Waterproof Isolation Geomembrane Liners HDPE LDPE 0.5mm 4




Green Two Sides Waterproof Isolation Geomembrane Liners HDPE LDPE 0.5mm 5

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