1.0mm Hot Air PVC Welder For Waste Land HDPE Geomembrane Liner 2100w

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hefei,China
Brand Name: FUYUN
Certification: ISO, GB, EN, CE
Model Number: SWT-NSGM1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: USD 1000-1950 set
Packaging Details: packed in waterproof box and standard carton
Delivery Time: 7 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 50 Sets per Day
Detail Information
Frequency: 50/60Hz Application: LDPE, HDPE, PVC, PP, EVA, ECB, LLDPE,
Power: 2100w Product Name: 1.5mm Diary Farm Effluent HDPE LDPE Plastic Geomembrane Liners Hot Air PVC Welder
Welding Temperature: 0-450°C Voltage: 110V-220V
Welding Thickness: 1.0 -3.5mm Lap Width: 120mm
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1.0mm Hot Air PVC Welder


2100w Hot Air Pvc Welding Machine


Waste Land Hot Air PVC Welder

Product Description

1.0mm Hot Air PVC Welder For Waste Land HDPE LDPE Geomembrane Liner 2100w
Quick Detail:
machine size: 340*350*360mm
weight: 14kg
frequency: 50/60Hz
voltage: 110V-220V
power: 2100w
welding speed: 0.5-8 m/min
Product Description:

It adopts advanced hot air heating system. With small, light and high speed, it perfects the welding quality even if corrosive materials and bad working environment. This machine is specially designed for tunnels, subway, water conservancy, aquaculture, biogas plants, landfills, chemical mining, sewage treatment, roof constructions and other waterproofing projects.


Our geomembrane welding machines give you a fully automated system that offers high-speed production with far less labor and material handling. With less labor, your business can operate efficiently from a much smaller facility. Hot air welding and hot wedge welding also creates strong bonds. For large products such as liners and covers, our welders can be configured with stationary or travel options. Both are faster than sewing or gluing and allow you to weld inhouse. The travel configuration reduces the need to move heavy fabrics because the machine does that work for you.


The speed our machine can reach is all based on the fabric being used. A lot of our customers are welding liner at 40+ FPM. Polyethylene liners typically run at much faster speeds than a PVC liner. If speed is the main concern, we can engineer the machine to reach the speed you are looking for.


1. The user must select a three core socket with grounding protection to confirm that the external line has been connected. Press the machine by hand.Lift the handle to separate the upper and lower steel wheels. Then plug in the power plug.
2. Turn on the power switch and select the appropriate temperature (refer to figure 1 for temperature adjustment) and speed. Then take several narrow strips for trial welding to determine the best welding effect. Due to different ambient temperature and material thickness, the selection of welding temperature for the same material may be different. When selecting the temperature, first select a reference speed (about 1.5m / min) and then slowly adjust from low temperature to high temperature (about 250 ℃ ~ 420 ℃).
3. Judgment of welding temperature: transparent PE materials can be directly observed, and the welding marks are flat and with transparent glass indicates that the speed and temperature are appropriate: serious breakage of the weld mark indicates that the temperature is too high or the speed is too low; if the weld mark is opaque and white, it indicates that the temperature is low or the speed is too fast. For opaque materials, observe whether there are obvious welding traces, or conduct tensile test after all of them are cooled.
4. Trim and straighten the edge of the material to be welded: face forward, overlap the lower left and upper right, and the overlapping width is 120mm.
5. After the temperature and speed are determined, insert the material to be welded between the two steel wheels to make the fuselage parallel to the edge of the base metal, press the pressure on the handle to make the two steel wheels press together for self welding. Generally, the operator only needs to observe whether there is deviation between the weld mark and the edge of the base metal, and correct it in a small range in time. When the material is welded to the end, lift the handle in time to separate the upper and lower steel wheels.
6. Due to thermal inertia, if the temperature is too high or too low during welding, it can be changed in a small time adjust the temperature within the range to make up for the temperature deviation.
7. in the welding process, if the welding marks on both sides are uneven, the two inner hexagonal corners on the swing head can be used ccrew adjustment (i.e. loosen the corresponding screw on the side with deep weld mark or tighten the corresponding screw on the side with shallow weld mark. Remember that it can only be adjusted slightly, and it can not be adjusted hard on one side alone. For example, if one side is screwed in all the time, it may lead to internal spring failure. While the pressure on one side increases, slightly relax the pressure on the other side, as long as a balance can be achieved).
8. The welded material and another material form a T-shaped lap. The welding method is shown in the figure. The heat wedge will be pasted the lap joint of the surface is close to the weld mark and cut obliquely, with a length of about 12cm.

Please clean the dunghill in the thermal wedge and the mud in the chain guard and oiled the whole machine to the dry place when not using it.



Technical Parameters:


Item no.: SWT-NSGM1
Size 340*350*360mm
Weight 143KG
Voltage: 220V, 110V
Frequency: 50/60HZ
power 2100W
Welding Speed 0.5-8 m/min
Thickness of material 1.0-3.5mm
Welding width 15 mm *2, interior cavity 20 mm
Overlap width 120 mm
Welding temperature
Seam Strength ≥85% base material ( tensile resistant in shear direction)



Fuyun Hot Wedge Welding Machine is is used to weld various thicknesses of geomembrane and is suitable for welding hot melt materials, such as LDPE, PVC, HDPE, EVA, PP, etc. It is widely used in highways, tunnels, reservoirs, building waterproofing, and other projects.
1.0mm Hot Air PVC Welder For Waste Land HDPE Geomembrane Liner 2100w 0

Control System
Advanced intelligent digital control system which temperature and speed readed on LCD screen.

Pressure Adjustment System
Advanced"T"style jib design and pressure regulation structure.

Pressure Roller
Special stainless steel pressure rollers with strong pressure force.

Heating System
Advanced hot air heating system perfects the welding quality even if corrosive materials and bad working environment.

Package & Delivery:
The product is packed in standard cartons and waterproof box. we gurantee the product good when customer receives it. we cooperate with international famous logistic company, and we delivery the product in time according to customer's requirement.
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