400g/Sqm Erosion Control Geomat

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hefei,China
Brand Name: FUYUN
Certification: BV, CE, ISO, GB, EN, ASTM
Model Number: EM5
Minimum Order Quantity: 1150 Square Meters
Price: USD 0.75-2.70 Square Meter
Packaging Details: packed in roll with woven bag, waterproof film
Delivery Time: 7 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 50000 Square Meters per Day
Detail Information
Thickness: 25mm Weight: 400g/sqm
Application: Earthwork Project Function: Anti Erosion, Soil Consolidate, Drainage, Gravel Reinforcement
Material: PET, Plastic, HDPE, PP Product Name: 3 Layers HDPE High Quality Earthwork Project Gravel Reinforce Soil Consolidate Anti-Erosion EM5 Green Geomat
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400g/sqm Erosion Control Geomat


High Quality Erosion Control Geomat


400g/sqm 3D geomat

Product Description

3 Layers HDPE High Quality Earthwork Project Gravel Reinforce Soil Consolidate Anti-Erosion EM5 Green Geomat


Quick Detail:
material: plastic, polyethylene, HDPE
function: gravel reinforce, soil consolidate, drainage, anti erosion
application: earthwork projects
Product Description:


Three-dimensional geomat, also known as enkamat, is a strong three-dimensional polyamide ( PA) mat with an open structure . It functions as a protective , reinforcing and integrated intermediate layer between natural vegetation and soil , enabling root systems to grow and gain a secure hold on the ground beneath .


Geomat is kind of net patch in three dimensional structure for turf extending. Geomat provides thermal protection and holds water for plantings' germination, and accommodates with green vegetated surface. Its structure is designed for plants growing and for gravels solidation. It is loose and flexible with 95% space left for filling soil, grit and fine stones, gravels, and plant root system can pass through it. So that lants can grow soundly within it. It creats an enough space for drainage and ventilation so that pit provides a good environment fro plants. The grown turf will combine itself hard with net patch and earth surface together. Plant root system can go deep into 30-40cm underground, so a solid green compound protective layer will be built.



Technical Parameter:


No. Item Unit Standard Value
1 Mass per unit area g/m2 ≥220 ≥260 ≥350 ≥430
2 Thickness mm ≥10 ≥12 ≥14 ≥16
3 Width deviation m +/-0.1
4 Length deviation m +/-0.1
5 Longitudinal tensile strength kn/m ≥0.8 ≥1.4 ≥2.0 ≥3.2
6 Transverse tensile strength kn/m ≥0.8 ≥1.4 ≥2.0 ≥3.2

400g/Sqm Erosion Control Geomat 0



  • The slope protection technology of 3D Geomat combines the advantages of geomat and plant slope protection, achieves the best slope protection effect.
  • When the vegetation coverage of the slope reaches more than 30%, it can withstand the scour of light rain, and when it reaches more than 80%, it can withstand the scour of heavy rain.
  • When the plants are flourishing, it can withstand water flows(up to 6m/sec), which is more than twice that of ordinary turf.
  • Geomat has a good effect on reducing the evaporation of water from the slope soil and increasing the amount of infiltration.
  • Also, because the geomat material is dark PE, it has the function of heat absorption and heat preservation, which can promote seed germination and be beneficial to plant growth.




1. The embankment can be protected from wind and rain before the turf grows.

2. It can keep the grass seeds evenly distributed on the slope and avoid wind and rain.

3.The mesh mat can absorb a lot of heat energy, increase the ground temperature, promote the germination of grass seeds, and extend the growth cycle of plants.

4.The composite protective layer formed by plant growth can withstand the erosion of high water level and high flow velocity.

5.It can replace concrete, asphalt, block stone and other slope materials, and is mainly used for slope protection such as highways, railways, rivers, and dams.


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400g/Sqm Erosion Control Geomat 2

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It's packed well with 2 layers woven bags and tight belts for convenient unloading and protecting product.


400g/Sqm Erosion Control Geomat 4





It's generally in 8 days. All loading procedures are professional for protectingproducts and for quick convenient unloading.



Supply Ability:


25.5 tons per 8 hrs



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