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Non Woven Fabric Drainage Geocomposite

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hefei,China
Brand Name: FUYUN
Certification: ISO, BV, GB, SASO, SONCAP
Model Number: 1200gsm
Minimum Order Quantity: 1155 Square Meters
Price: USD 1.5-4.45 Square Meter
Packaging Details: packed in roll with wateproof film, length 50m, width 2m
Delivery Time: 7 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Supply Ability: 25000 Square Meters per Day
Detail Information
Material: Polyester, HDPE, Non Woven Fabric, Polyethylene Application: Subway, Transport Infrastructure, Railway,roadbed, Pavement
Function: Reinforce, Drainage, Protect, Filtration, Product Name: Subway Foundation Protect Reinforce 3D Three Dimension HDPE Anti Erosion Composite Drainage Geomat
Length: 200m Width: 2m
High Light:

Non Woven Fabric Drainage Geocomposite


Subway Foundation Drainage Geocomposite


Non Woven Fabric Geocomposite Wall Drain

Product Description

Subway Foundation Protect Reinforce 3D Three Dimension HDPE Anti Erosion Composite Drainage Geomat



Quick Detail:


material: HDPE, non woven fabric, polyester, polyethylene

function: reinforce, drainage, protect

application: subway, railway, roadbed, pavement, transport infrastructure

size: length 200m, width 2m



Product Description:


Three dimensional composite drainage geonet is a new type of geotechnical drainage material. It is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) by special extrusion process, with three layers of special structure. In the transportation infrastructure such as railway and highway, the safety and service life of the project are closely related to its own drainage system. Geosynthetics are important parts of drainage system. The middle bar is rigid and arranged longitudinally to form drainage channel. The upper and lower cross bars form support to prevent geotextile from embedding into drainage channel, which can maintain high drainage performance even under very high load. The composite use of double-sided adhesive permeable geotextile has the comprehensive performance of filtration drainage ventilation protection, which is the most ideal drainage material at present. The product has strong drainage, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, long service life and other characteristics.


Three Dimension Drainage Net (or being named three civil drainage board, tunnel drainage board, drainage board) which has the characteristic of good water transmission, against high pressure and microorganism, anti-UV. It can instead of the traditional gravel sand. It is used for the drainage of the rubbish filling site, road base and the inside of the tunnel which is consisted with plastic net and permeated geotextile both sides.plication of the project, so as to ensure that the soil structure is perfect, and there is no structural deformation or collapse. In projects with special anti-seepage requirements, a composite layer of geomembrane can be selected to anti-seepage.Therefore, the product actually combines the three functions of drainage, filtration and anti-seepage. It is a typical multifunctional material.



Technical Parameter:


No. Item Unit Standard Value
1200g 1400g 1600g 1800g 2000g
1 Mass per unit area of composite g/m2 ≥1200 ≥1400 ≥1600 ≥1800 ≥2000
2 Composite thickness mm ≥6.0 ≥7.0 ≥8.0 ≥9.0 ≥10.0
3 Longitudinal tensile strength of composite kn/m ≥16 ≥16 ≥16 ≥16 ≥16
4 Composite ydraulic conductivity m2/s ≥1.2*10-4 ≥1.2*10-4 ≥1.2*10-4 ≥1.2*10-4 ≥1.2*10-4
5 Peel strength of mesh core and non woven fabric kn/m ≥0.3 ≥0.3 ≥0.3 ≥0.3 ≥0.3
6 Mesh core thickness mm ≥5.0 ≥5.0 ≥5.0 ≥5.0 ≥5.0
7 Tensile strength of mesh core kn/m ≥13.0 ≥15.0 ≥15.0 ≥15.0 ≥15.0
8 Mass per unit area of non woven fabric g/m2 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200
9 Permeability coefficient of non-woven fabric cm/s ≥0.3 ≥0.3 ≥0.3 ≥0.3 ≥0.3




  • Landscape Projects: Artificial lake,pond,the bottom of pond in Golf course, revetment.
  • Sanitation Projects: Domestic garbage landfill,sewage treatment, poisonous&harmful substance treatment,dangerous cargo storage
  • Water conservancy Projects: Anti-seepage, leaking stoppage and reinforce of river/lake/basin/dam, anti-seepage of water channel, vertical core wall, lake.
  • Mining Industry&Chemical Industry: Anti-seepage of oil tank in chemical plant,refinery plant,petrol station, chemical reaction camera,inner liner of settling tank,secondary liner etc.
  • Construction Projects:Underground project of subway and building, roof reservoir,roof garden, sewage pipeline etc.
  • Aquaculture: Inner liner or fish pond, shrimp pond, revetment of sea cucumber pool.
  • Agriculture: Reservoir, drinking water pool, pool, irrigation system
  • Salt Industry: Salt filed crystallizing pond, brine pond, salt film.

Non Woven Fabric Drainage Geocomposite 0


Non Woven Fabric Drainage Geocomposite 1


  • It is estimated that the use our Composite Drainage Geomat to replace traditional drainage pad materials can save 15% to 30% of the cost, which does not include the benefits of the convenience of construction.
  • Convenient construction: this product is lighter in weight, does not require mechanical assistance, and can be constructed only manually; Generally, cutting tools, nails and hammers can complete the construction without senior technicians and special construction tools;The method of overlapping construction is simple and easy to implement, which ensures the continuity and convenience of construction, and is not prone to construction quality problems.
  • Good drainage effect: compared with other drainage layers, the drainage capacity is strong, and it is not easy to be blocked, which can greatly reduce the volume of the drainage layer.
  • Good stability: “W” wave mesh design forms an elastic damping system that can effectively deform under impact, with excellent safety.
  • Anti-filtration and anti-seepage: geotextile can play a good role in filtering, making drainage at the same time will not produce soil erosion, soil conservation effect is good;One layer of geotextile can be replaced with geomembrane to prevent seepage.




Rolling with pipe in core, Double layer woven Bags with strengthened belt for unloading convenience and protecting


Non Woven Fabric Drainage Geocomposite 2





Product can be shipped in 7 days, and product will be loaded carefully to make sure it can be well received. 20GP Container can load around 19 tons, 40HQ 25 tons.


Non Woven Fabric Drainage Geocomposite 3



Supply Ability:


25 tons per day.



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Non Woven Fabric Drainage Geocomposite 4

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