55×6 Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hefei,China
Brand Name: FUYUN
Certification: EN, ISO, GB, CE, BV
Model Number: 55×6
Minimum Order Quantity: 1560 Square Meters
Price: USD 1.36-4.8 Square Meter
Packaging Details: standard package with woven bag and tight belt, roller size, width: 1-6m, length: 20-55m
Delivery Time: 7 Days
Payment Terms: Paypal, T/T, Western Union, L/C, D/A, D/P, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 34700 Square Meters per Day
Detail Information
Material: Geotextile, Bentonite And (HDPE) Geomembrane Fibers Product Name: Chemical Storage Yard Seepage Control Isolation China Wholesale Price Geosynthetic Clay Liner Blanket 55×6 GCL
Function: Isolation, Seepage Control Size: 55m*6m, Customize
Application: Chemical Storage Yard, Chemical Plant Package: Standard Package With Woven Bag And Tight Belt, Roller Size, Width: 1-6m, Length: 20-55m
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55×6 Geosynthetic Clay Liners


55×6 Bentonite Pond Liner


Chemical Storage Yard Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Product Description


Chemical Storage Yard Seepage Control Isolation China Wholesale Price Geosynthetic Clay Liner Blanket 55×6 GCL



Quick Detail:


component: geotextile, bentonite and (HDPE) geomembrane fibers

size: 55*6m 

function: isolation, seepage control

application: chemical storage yard, chemical plant 



Product Description:


FUYUN GCL (bentonite waterproof geosynthetic clay liners) also named bentonite composite waterproof blanket or pad has four layers:

1.The upper and lower layers are geotextiles, which mainly play the role of protection and reinforcement, so that it has a certain overall puncture strength and tensile strength;

2.The middle layer is sodium bentonite, which is made of natural clay mineral inorganic materials. It has high expansibility and high water absorption capacity, and low water permeability when wet;

3.The bottom layer is a thin HDPE geomembrane, which is mainly used for anti-seepage. 


FUYUN GCL is filled with high expansion sodium bentonite between special composite geotextile and non-woven fabric.The bentonite anti-seepage pad made by needling method can form many small fiber spaces.The special needling process is to make the coarse fiber pass through the bentonite from the upper geotextile and fix it on the lower geotextile. By combining the four parts, the integrity of the bentonite waterproof blanket is effectively enhanced, and the shear strength and tensile strength of the bentonite waterproof blanket are greatly enhanced, which makes the bentonite waterproof blanket can be used alone, It can also be combined with compacted clay impervious core or geomembrane.The bentonite particles can not flow in one direction, and even high-density colloidal waterproof layer is formed in the cushion when encountering water, which can effectively prevent water from leakage.


FUYUN GCL can be constructed under the negative temperature (-20℃), while the traditional waterproof material cannot, because bentonite is inorganic material having better durability than that of organic waterproof material.



Technical Parameter:


No. Item Technical Index
1 GCL (g/㎡) 4000 and not less than the specified value 4000 and not less than the specified value 4000 and not less than the specified value
2 Swelling Index of Bentonite (ml/2g) 24 24 24
3 Absorption of Blue ( g/100g) 30 30 30
4 Tensile Strength (N/100mm) 600 700 600
5 Elongation at Maximum Load % 10 10 8
6 Peel Strength(N/100mm) Non Woven and Woven Fabrics 40 40 /
PE Film and Non Woven Fabrics / 30 /
7 Permeability Coefficient (m/s) 5.0x10^-11 5.0x10^-12 1.0x10^-12
8 Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance 0.4MPa, 1h, no seepage 0.6MPa, 1h, no seepage 0.6MPa, 1h, no seepage
9 Filtration Loss (ml) 18 18 18
10 Durability of Bentonite 20 20 20




  • irrigation channel

  • artificial lake waterscape

  • landfill

  • oil depot & storage tank

  • roof garden,

  • underground garage

  • swimming pool

  • chemical storage yard

55×6 Geosynthetic Clay Liners 0


Installing Note:


1, Before GCL construction, foundation should be inspected, the foundation should be rammed flat, no potholes or water, no gravel or roots or other sharp objects.

2, In the process of handling and construction, GCL should be to avoid vibration and impact, to avoid  large degree of bending.

3. After installing and acceptance of GCL, backfill shall be carried out as soon as possible. If it is in conjunction with the use of HDPE geomemes, geomemes shall be installed and welded in time to prevent them from being wet or broken by rain.




  • The seepage resistance is better than bentonite, and can stop water with water, and has high hydrostatic pressure resistance.
  • Bentonite is a kind of natural inorganic material, which has no aging reaction and good durability.

  • It belongs to environmental protection material and will not cause any adverse impact on the environment,It is buried underground, and has no pollution to water quality and soil.

  • It has the advantages of simple construction, low requirement for base course, natural overlapping and construction under sub zero temperature.

  • In the construction of elevation or inclined plane, fix it with nails and washers, and lap it as required.

  • The unique self-healing property makes use of the swelling property of bentonite when it meets with water, which can self heal and repair the defect or damage of impervious layer.

  • It is easy to repair. Even after the completion of waterproof Engineering (anti-seepage engineering), if the waterproof layer is accidentally damaged, as long as the damaged parts are simply repaired, the perfect waterproof performance can be obtained.

  • The unique air permeability is conducive to the exchange of water and air, and makes the plants around the water grow healthily.




all products are packed in standard woven bag and belt, we guarantee that the products are good when customer receive. Products can also be packed as customer's requirement.


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Product will be loaded carefully to make sure it can be well received. 20GP Container can load around 117.5 tons, 40HQ 24.5 tons. It can be shipped in 7 days.


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25 tons per 8hrs.



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