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Company Website: https://geoboatup.com/


Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD was established in 2015, and founded by geotechnical professors, experienced

earth work engineers and professional geosynthetics salesperson. We from different countries, different universities,

different geosynthetics manufactures, and work together for the goal of providing best geosynthetics products and

solutions to our customers.


We commit to provide the widest range of high quality, optimum price and engineering services of geosynthetics,

Boatup Geosynthetics exchange shares with high level geosynthetics manufactures and be the agent of top geotextile,

geomembrane, geocell, geonet, GCL manufactures in China and abroad. We work with GSI-LAB and GAL-LAB

to test our geosysthetics products, and have much more experience to serve high reputation customers.


We will listen to your concerns and requirements rather than try to force you into a product. Our services do not stop after a purchasing order, but continue to help you throughout the process until the project completed. When you are unsure of which product is the most ideal in your application ,we will listen to you and guide you to pick out the best selection for your location. We are always standing by and ready to deliver the assistance in any way we can.


Voice From GM


Dear Customers,


Many thanks for your great attention and support!


Boatup Geosynthetics was aim to provide high quality, optimum price of geotextile, geomembrane, geocell, geonet,

GCL and relevant geocomposites. We will seize every opportunity to study the knowledge of Ground and Soil Improvement, and to innovate and improve our geosynthetics products, in order to continuously offer better prices and service.


Boatup Geosynthetics is willing to cooperate with customers in home and aboard, and contribute all of our energy for sustainable develop of society.


Thanks and Best Regards,



General Manager of Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD

Company Website: https://geoboatup.com/

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Company Website: https://geoboatup.com/




On September, we engaged geosynthetics business, and started with geotextiles. Thanks to Usfabric, Tencate, Tensar, Huesker, Solmax and other international geosynthetics companies together with IGS, we learn a lot from them, especially products, specifications, applications and test methods.



On July 2014, we got a very important order from our Mexico customer, thanks to Mr. Victor, this is a 3.5 million USD order. We got this order is that we supply high quality and optimum price of geotextile tubes, also thanks to our geotextile tube partner in Changzhou for it’s hard work.

September 2014, we established Ningbo Boatup Trading Co.,LTD

December 2015, we established Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD



Thanks to our customers, we sold our geosynthetics products to many countries:

We sold about 1.5 million USD geotextiles to USA, Russia and Singapore.

We sold about 1.5 million USD geomembrane to USA, Dubai and Russia.

We sold about 1.2 million USD geocell and geonet to Chile and Canada.

We sold about 1.2 million USD geotextile tubes to Indonesia and Philippine.

We sold about 500,000 thousand USD GCL to Argentina.

We sold about 400,000 thousand USD safety fence to Canada.

We sold about 400,000 thousand USD geogrid to Guyana.



In these two years, we singed exclusive sales agreement with nine geosynthetics partners and invited six partners to be our board members in Boatup Geosynthetics.

In the end of 2018, we have directly 28 employees worked in Zhejiang, Jiangshu, and Shangdong province, with more than 1000 workers in our partner side. In 2018, our sales amount reached 10 million USD.


Website: https://geoboatup.com/

Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD Ningbo Boatup Geosynthetics Co.,LTD
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Brands : Company Website: https://geoboatup.com/

No. of Employees : 100~120

Annual Sales : 5 million USD-10 million

Year Established : 2015

Export p.c : 80% - 90%